Headers, etc

Asking these questions as a “regular user.”

I was just editing the book project page and really wanted the option to add at least one header…

Also, it saved the work I was doing without me pressing a button. At first I found that scary, but it worked in most cases.

I loved the drag and drop to reorder the outline. That seemed to work at first and it showed as having saved, but then the change wasn’t reflected when I went to view the project page.

Can you make the link contrast higher?

And is there a way to include the book cover image?

@lizmays Hey Liz, appreciate your feedback here!

The option to add headers has been intentionally removed for the moment as it was causing accessibility issues and interfering with the hierarchy of the page. We’ve noted down your request though, and are working to see if there is a different way for us to handle this!

The autosave is pretty fancy. I’m glad you like it! A prominent enough message confirming the save might help reassure users that their work is not lost, so thanks for the suggestion.

Could you possibly explain what you mean regarding the link contrast? If you have any additional details, or screenshots even, that will help!

Our next release (coming this week) will have the first cut of a book release widget, where you can upload a book cover. Having this associated with the book generally requires some page redesign which we’re not too sure how to handle at the moment, but appreciate your suggestion.