Project Homepages

Hi all,
I’m in :sparkling_heart: with the Project Homepage feature - check out the one I just made here.

I know it’s a new feature and still has some quirks, so I thought a thread to focus on them seemed useful.

Where I’m stuck right now - I can’t seem to figure out how to edit my page, now that it’s created. I’d like to update my outline and resources, but not sure how to access the edit features again.

Thanks in advance!

We’re in love with these pages too! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for starting this thread to focus the conversation on creating these homepages, and help each other get unstuck.

Editing the pages is pretty simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in at
  2. Go to Open Textbooks in Development
  3. Click on your project homepage (using the ‘view homepage’ button)
  4. You should already be logged in to the platform (and if you’re not, log in with the same account as you used in Step 1)
  5. Click on the pencil icons in each block to edit

If you’re still having trouble accessing the edit features, let us know here. Try to share screenshots or error messages that you might be receiving, so we can troubleshoot and diagnose the issue more quickly.

Okay, I finally was able to get to the editing screen, using a different browser. Two of my Google accounts are battling for supremacy in my primary browser, and so I can’t get anywhere using Chrome. Firefox worked better.

What type of user should we promote colleagues to so that they also have edit access to the homepage? Right now everyone is “project manager,” but only one of my Google IDs has ability to edit page.

Sorry to hear about Chrome. My various accounts duelled it out similarly a while back, and what I found helpful was to sign out and remove all my accounts. Then, I signed in first with the one I wanted as the primary account, and after that, I added and signed in to the rest. That seemed to do the trick for me.

A+ on Firefox, though! It’s nice to hear that you had no trouble accessing and editing on this browser.

As for what user roles to assign — you have a whole array to choose from, ranging from contributor, follower, all the way to lead author, project manager. Use the dropdown arrow in the Title column to select different roles. To give someone editing permissions on the page, you can make them an Admin. Just select the medal/ribbon icon (:medal_military:) in the Admin column, which should be greyed out by default. Once it turns blue, it means the user is an admin on the project page and can edit information there.