Session 5: 1-on1 Facilitator Meeting Recap

Hello, @July22-M-1-cohort ! Last week, you and I had the chance to meet 1:1 in your project teams. In the discussions with your team or team representatives we talked about a variety of topics specific to your projects. There were a few themes that came up in many groups:

  1. There were some questions about regular team meetings and communication. There isn’t one “right” way to do this. Different approaches will work for different teams. The important thing is that the team stays in regular contact so that you can stay up-to-date on each other’s progress, make collective decisions, provide each other with support and guidance, keep each other accountable, and keep up your momentum.
  2. Several teams had questions about copyright and licensing as they relate to your projects and existing resources that you might be building upon. While we don’t get deep into the minutiae of copyright in the TSP, I encourage you to talk with your librarians about these questions as they arise and to pose questions in our forum space.
  3. A few teams that hadn’t yet uploaded their project summaries mentioned that they wanted to check in with other team members first before posting them publicly. That’s totally understandable, and it’s important for everyone on the team to have their input reflected. I also want to remind all teams that these documents aren’t set in stone. You can make updates to them even after you’ve publicly posted them. Projects often evolve over time, so what you’ve written now may not be exactly what you end up with a year from now.

As we are about to embark into the content creation, you can make sure you are set up to by checking off the following items on the list below:

  • All team members are aware of their roles and responsibilities
  • You have set up collaborative space for team communication and content creation
  • A meeting time with your team members has been set up
  • You have advanced their project scoping and you documented the completed steps in your Project Summary
  • You posted your project scoping and other homework activities like your storywork and roles & responsibilities docs in your project forum found under the About the July M-1 Cohort thread.

Next session, we’ll reconvene as a cohort and talk about Accessibility and Inclusive Design!