Session 8: Editing

@oct19-cohort, I hope you can join tomorrow at 1pm ET on Zoom (at our usual call link ) for our last session of 2019 on Editing!

Take a look at the slides and handouts we’ll be referencing:

  1. Handout: Editing
  2. Slides: Editing

And if you haven’t yet, be sure to submit your responses to our survey and let me know one thing each that you would like to keep, stop, and start with our cohort. Everything/anything you say will be used to improve our and future cohorts’ interactions and experience in the Textbook Success Program.

I’m eager to read your feedback. See you tomorrow!

Hi Apurva,

I can only stay for the first hour if that’s ok.

Kim Hoffman

Hi Kim, that’s totally fine. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks everyone who was able to make it today, even if only for a short period! We know that it’s a busy time of the year to wrap up on deadlines, tasks, and other work. I appreciate you being able to drop in.

Take a look at our chat transcript from the session, full of good questions, resources, and suggestions! In the chat, we talked about opportunities to write blog posts about projects, dropped in links to the OER Starter Kit, shared reminders to submit the Rebus Community survey (by Dec. 30th), and looked at Tweets that made us smile (thanks @aelder):

I feel like if you’ve gotten to the point where you can ask the question “When can I stop editing?”… it’s time to stop editing.

— Abbey Elder (@OpenAccessElder) December 3, 2019

Thanks for carrying us through to a great round of sessions this year! We hope you all have a good winter break. Have a happy holidays and a happy new year! We’ll see each other again in January, to chat more about feedback and review. Until then! :wave:t5: