Steel Wagstaff, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hi good people! I’m Steel Wagstaff. I work as an instructional technology consultant in the College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a graduate student, I taught courses in composition and English literature and was an administrator for the Freshman Writing program here for two years. For the past year or so, I’ve been working on helping faculty and other content experts author and publish openly licensed texts (primarily for teaching). I’ve written a bit about my guiding principles on Medium. Earlier this year, I pitched Pressbooks as an authoring tool to Unizin (a large consortium of public research universities), and they’re now hosting an instance of Pressbooks for all Unizin member schools. I’m currently managing the development of several open textbook projects, working to integrate H5P (a plugin which lets users make and embed interactive learning activities in a text) with Pressbooks and trying to help develop Pressbooks to further meet the needs of our teachers here. Very excited to meet and work with more of you!

Hi Steel! Great to see you here. Really looking forward to continuing to work together. Particularly excited to see how your work with H5P comes along – that’s going to open up some very interesting options.

@swagstaff Hi Steel. Just discovering Rebus and joining. You mention here the H5P plugin for Unizin–do you know if one is now available on the PB site itself (or if it might be soon)? Planning to make an OER Spanish textbook. Thanks! Jeff Ruth