Team Meet & Greet - CMAT 1313 Finite Mathematics

Welcome to CMAT 1313 Finite Mathematics!

Please use the Storytelling & Communications Template introduced in Session 3 to tell us about yourself, why you’re interested in this project, and get to know your fellow team members.

I like to teach people mathematics. It brings me joy and a feeling of accomplishment.
I am interested in this project because it is an additional way to reach students to teach them mathematics. I am deeply concerned that we are creating generations of people who do not understand basic mathematical concepts, nor do they care to. Calculating change due, measuring ingredients, fractions and percents of all kinds shut students down - and I want to change that.
Being a military wife for the last 33 years, I have had opportunities and challenges that have made me a better person. Our frequent moves in the early years of the marriage (plus the two children) delayed my education. So for most of my post high education I have always been a non-traditional student. I earned my undergraduate degree in 2007 while working full time, raising two teenagers, supporting a deployed husband, and completing a multi-state move. Since then, I have been a full time public school teacher, and earned a Masters of Arts in Teaching, and Academically Gifted Education Certification, and a Masters of Science in Mathematical Sciences. Within the last year, I transitions to faculty at McNeese State University - and I love it!
For fun, in my somewhat limited free time, I like to bake, cook, garden, and read.

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