Possible meeting?

Hi everyone,
I would love to have a brief online meeting to discuss where we are heading. Online discussion forums are great, but I would love to have a good old-fashioned discussion where we build off of each other’s ideas and have immediate feedback for ideas. Plus I would just like to know the people behind the typing. :slight_smile:

I know our schedules are brutal - but is there a time we could come together?

I am free most Mondays after 2:30, and Thursdays after 3:30. I also have office hours that I could meet during. Those times are Monday and Wednesday from 10-1 and Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9:30 and 12:15 - 2:00. I can make most weekend times work.

Let me know when y’all are free -

Most Mondays are good for me, anytime day or night. Wednesday mornings are usually good, and weekends are good. Tuesdays and Thursdays are NOT good.

I can meet Monday-Thursdays after 1 or anytime on Fridays.

Hi all, I’m free Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays after 2:30.


Can e try to meet on Monday, February 13 at 4:00?

I set up a zoom meeting, login if you can:

That works for me. See you at 4!

Planning to join at 4.

Hi everyone -

Here is a link to the meeting recording from today:
TSP FInite Math meeting 2_13_23.mp4

There is no password on the link.

We are supposed to meet again next Monday at 4:00. I’ll post another zoom link soon.

I didn’t see the message about today’s meeting in time. I will check out the recording and chime in on whatever post I need to.


I just realized next Monday we’ll be on Mardi Gras break. Do we still want to meet then, or wait until the following Monday?

It doesn’t matter to me. Does anyone have strong feelings about it?

Hi @rbroussard3 @tspahn @ashley.segalla,
I live in New Orleans, but I am not too much into Mardi Gras. I will be available to meet Monday. Also, I think i have set up notifications so I can know when someone has posted. I feel bad that I can’t attend those Friday meetings, but I teach until 1:50 every Friday. I was free for the meeting on the 13th, but I didn’t know a day and time had been confirmed, and I missed it. Hopefully, I will get all the future notifications.

@kellis1 I had to do the same thing with the notifications. I think we’ve all got a learning curve, but we’re figuring it out!

As far as the meeting goes, I don’t do parades or anything for Mardi Gras, so I’m happy to still meet. I just didn’t want to mess up anyone’s plans if they already had them.

@ashley.segalla @rbroussard3 @tspahn Are we going to meet tomorrow?

I am good to meet today at 4:00 pm also, but also okay if we don’t meet. Renee, can you set up the link like last week?

I just sent Renae a text asking if she is available to meet today. Looks like the rest of us are willing. If Renae is not available, one of us can send a Zoom link.

Sorry everyone - I got my days confused - I was thinking that today was Sunday.
Here’s the link:

OK - so I forgot to hit record for this meeting - par for the course for today.
We recapped the meeting from Friday, and talked about the possible difficulties with equations in PressBooks. Kiel presented myopenmath as an option for homework and possible videos for the project. We agreed that we were basically on hold until we find out about the import into Pressbooks, but that we could start making decisions on what we should keep and delete from the Lippman book. We agreed to meet again on Monday, 2/27/23 at 4:00 - and that we would each review chapter one from the Lippman Business PreCalculus to begin that discussion.

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@kellis1 @ashley.segalla @tspahn @rbroussard3 - I just want to thank all of you for having these weekly meetings. I hope you all are getting things accomplished for the resource.

Please let me know if I can assist in any way. I can read over the chapters that you brought in, help with the minor editing, find videos for the sections (we have some youtube videos we use at RPCC), help make H5P content - just let me know.