Team Meet & Greet: Linguistics

Welcome to Linguistics!

Please use the Storytelling & Communications Template introduced in Session 3 to tell us about yourself, why you’re interested in this project, and get to know your fellow team members.

It was nice seeing everyone at today’s meeting. It was good to touch base and discuss things.

My name is Julie Doner and I’m the project lead for this project.

This is my second time contributing to an OER project; my first was Essentials of Linguistics 2nd edition, which was an introductory linguistics text and was warmly received by the linguistics community.

Now, I have been hired to create an OER text for the second-year course Introduction to Morphology and Syntax. I am a syntactician and my research focus is on comparative syntax; that is, how the different languages of the world vary. I also bring to the project expertise on Writing across the Curriculum (WAC) and am incorporating explicit writing instruction into the text.

I’m also trying to carry forward the goals of Essentials of Linguistics into this text: universal design, centring social justice, incorporating signed languages and Indigenous languages throughout.