User Experience Research Participants for Rebus Ink

Rebus Ink is another initiative by the Rebus Foundation. It is a web-based research management and reading tool. We are kicking off a round of user research for Rebus Ink.

Right now we are seeking participants for this study: Current and former graduate students, researchers, librarians and academic instructors who can participate in a 45 to 60 minute remote interview conducted via phone or Zoom online conferencing between March 11-24, 2020. Participants who complete the interview can choose a $50 Amazon Instant Gift Card or a $50 donation to the charity of their choice as a Thank You for their time.

In order to participate, those interested will need to complete our short screener application, found here:

Selected participants will be contacted directly. We’d like to speak with a range of researchers from very early career (Master’s students) to mature and experienced librarians and faculty members. Location is open as these interviews will be completed remotely.

We are especially interested in folks who:

  • Are working within the Humanities disciplines (philosophy, law, etc)
  • Are earlier in their research journey and/or
  • Who may have accessibility needs and preferences or who use assistive technology.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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