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Hi @oct22-d-cohort, I look forward to seeing you for our last meeting today. Today we’ll review the final LOUIS deadlines, share our final updates, and I’ll offer a few closing thoughts. Each of your groups has done incredible work over the past year. Some have done this before, others have not. Regardless, you’ve created momentum for yourself (and your students) that needs to be celebrated.

The last Rebus action item is to complete this Final Participant Survey.


Thanks for an excellent final meeting, @oct22-d-cohort. Members from each team shared a final update–offering a perspective on how they view their current project, how they intend to respond to the QM review, and what they hope to get out of their OER (and course) in the next few years.

We’ve been emphasizing the iterative nature of OER and, as we chatted about today, that seems to be increasingly true of content we teach with in higher ed. The pace and category of tech reshaping education today make OER more relevant than ever before–e.g., you can now fine-tune a chatbot on an OER textbook you’ve been tailoring to your institutional and personal needs. Any labor you put into this type of project will potentially lead to exponential and qualitative growth in the future. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Final Rebus Deliverable: Thanks in advance for completing the Final Participant Survey. Rebus uses your feedback to make the next cohort experience even better than the last. In my experience, they’re always working to provide the best possible experience.

Thank you, @emily.frank, for offering such high-quality and consistent administration from your institution. Thank you, library liaisons, for empowering your groups with targeted support over the last year. And thank you, individual context experts, for your incredible dedication to the projects you signed up for. Please stay in touch–I’m eager to see how your projects evolve over the next year and into the near future!


Completed the survey. Thank you for the Rebus sessions and guidance throughout this process. Your insights were always welcome and helpful.I also loved the way you included everyone in the sessions and created an open environment.

Best of wishes,

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I appreciate your presence and excellent contributions, @lisanamikas!