WPcampus Preso on Open SUNY Textbooks

Re: [Allison Brown](SUNY Geneseo)

Just browsed the slides for Leah Root’s WPcampus presentation on textbooks at Open SUNY. You probably all know about this project and @allisonbrown had mentioned it almost a year ago. But these slides were quite useful to me as they reveal an interesting process (including a move to Pressbooks).
It’s also one of the few WPcampus sessions which had to do with teaching. Once again, librarians are the heroines and heroes of the Information Age.

Sounds to me like there’s a lot to be learnt from a diversity of projects. Not just success stories and “learning from failure”. But some shared understanding of what has been tried in which contexts with which results.

(As an aside, the money saved metric still strikes me as a bit tricky. Focusing OERs on cost-savings, we run the risk of being assessed in a pure cost-recovery model. Not that conducive to innovation, appropriation, experimentation, or even learning.)

@alex Thanks for sharing the slides – they were very interesting! It’s amazing the work they’ve done with such a small team. The documentation of their initial workflow, transition to Pressbooks, and partnership with Lumen is valuable - precisely for the shared understanding as you said.

“Once again, librarians are the heroines and heroes of the Information Age.” YES! We couldn’t agree more!

Very important aside you have there about focusing only on the cost-savings benefits of OERs! Lots to think about on that front…

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