Adding Editor to Book

Is it possible to add another person to my book to give them full editing privileges? I can’t quite figure out how to do that. The book is public, but I only want one other specific person to be able to have admin access on the book (and maybe not on all of my books, but just a particular one). Anyone?

Oh wait-- I think I found the “Add new user” section. Should be all set. Trying it out. Thanks!

Doh. It is saying “that email is not allowed.” Is that bc Rebus needs to invite her in?

Hi Robin! Sign ups are limited at the moment to certain domains so if you let me know the email address of the person you’re looking to add, I can whitelist it. If they’re wanting to use a gmail account or other common domain, let me know and I’ll just need to have a quick word with @hugh about how we want to handle this.

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Hi Maureen, thanks for your question. We’ve updated the settings to make sure that you can add collaborators to your Pressbooks book. If you log in to your book, and look at the User section on the right-hand side, there should now be “add new” button. You should be able to click through and add an existing user or create a new account for a new collaborator. See the step-by-step instructions plus more details on different user roles in the Pressbooks user guide.

Got it, thanks! :slight_smile: I appreciate your help!

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No problem! I’m glad this helped. :slight_smile: