Adding links to Resources section of Project page

hi- I am trying to save links in the Resources space on our project page however when I click save it does not appear in the resources section.

Hi Donna, are you clicking ‘Submit’ first, and then ‘Save’? The submit button is bottom-left, right below the Link field.

The only option I have is to save

Could you share the link here, so I can test and see whether I’m getting the same result? Thanks!

@mooredm, please let me know if you’re still having trouble adding resources to your project homepage, and I can troubleshoot!

Hello - still having difficulty.
here is the link

Hi Donna - sorry you’re still having trouble! I’ve played around a little and can’t seem to replicate the issue, and in the meantime have added the link to your resources (let me know if you want me to edit the title). I’ll keep testing on our end to try and find the problem and update you when I can. To help with that process, could you please check if you are able to edit any other fields (description, outline etc.) or if it’s isolated to the resources? Thanks!


I am able to edit the other fields. I appreciate your help. I will try working with it again this weekend. It is just really odd.



Hi Donna! In our recent release, we resolved a few little issues and I’m hoping as a side effect, you might be able to edit the resources on your project again. Could you have a go and see if there’s any change? If not, we’ll take another look.