Amy Decker, English instructor ( adjunct) and editor

Hello- I was a little late to the Rebus party and the spreadsheet was mostly filled. I added my name to a few slots as an ‘editor if needed’. My contact is if you would like me to assist with proofing/editing/adding a little polish.
I teach mostly composition and American literature for a number of online universities and Germanna Community College. For my full-time job, I edit Marine Corps doctrine at Quantico Marine Corps Base. Happy to meet you all!

@adecker Hi Amy! Nice to meet you as well, and welcome to the Rebus Community!

Glad to have you on board the Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature project. I see you’ve signed up to contribute to sections on Thoreau and John Muir. Here are the guidelines for researching and excerpting public domain texts, and for writing author introductions. Lead editor Tim Robbins ( @trobbins1981 ) can possibly tell you more about how you can help “add a little polish” to these sections!