Asking for feedback! I'm writing a blog post for Wiki Edu on Wikipedia and open pedagogy in first-year courses

Hello Cohort! I hope this finds you all doing well. I’ve been teaching with Wikipedia since 2014 and am finally publishing a blog post on the Wiki Edu site. Because of the many wonderful conversations we had in the spring, the post has morphed into a reflection on how I’m changing my assignment to incorporate best practices I’ve learned through the OER and open pedagogy communities. It’s not quite done, but I think I’m ready for some feedback if any of you have the time to take a look! You should be able to see it and offer comments at the googledoc.

Thanks for sharing this draft in progress. It looks really good and has given me plenty to think about. I’ve left a few comments — as always, take what may be useful and feel free to ignore the rest.

Keep us @feb21-cohort posted when the article is published!