Monthly check-in: August

Hello @feb21-cohort! Our monthly check-in is round the corner — next Tuesday August 10th at 10am ET. As usual, we’ll use our session to touch base on all our projects and to check in with regards to the different goals you had all set for yourselves. We’ll also spend a few minutes looking at alternatives for our September check-in.

If anyone can’t make our upcoming session, please reply to the thread here and let us know. It’ll also be helpful to hear a project update and reflection on where you are with your goals. :slight_smile:

Thank you @feb21-cohort for such an energetic and motivating session yesterday! I appreciated the conversation we started off with about how you’re all feeling as we’re bracing ourselves for another challenging few months as the pandemic and semesters roll on. As I noted on the call, please do use the cohort for support as you need it outside of your projects too! The tougher the times, the more the need for community to lean on.

Thanks also for sharing your reflections and experiences with decolonization and reconciliation work, including territorial acknowledgements. As you all keep on with your own journeys/paths in relation to this work, know that I am here to talk through things with you.

As usual, I have saved our chat transcript and compiled a list of resources shared.

Complete your goals for next month

Please respond below with your goals for your project! What do you want to keep yourself accountable for?

September Check-in

As Stacy noted, our next check-in conflicts with Rosh Hashana, so I propose moving it forward by 1 week.

Does Tuesday, 14 September, at 10am ET/9am CT work for our next check-in?
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  • No

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Please submit your responses to the poll above by next Wednesday, August 18! If this time works for the majority of the group, I suggest we proceed. If not, I will propose some alternative times for us to consider.

My goals for this upcoming month are to have the guide content fully complete and handed off to Dylan for uploading into PressBooks. I am also going to respond to and confirm our group’s presentation at the Open Ed 2021 Conference for October. Informally, I am going to continue promoting our resource by word of mouth and also by supporting the communications efforts headed by Carley. EDIT: Kaitlin Schilling has agreed to take over lead authorship of our proposal and she is going to head up our presentation. I am so thrilled to see this conference presentation taking shape and look forward to telling our story to the Open world.


I’m finally ready to schedule a meeting for participants in the Transforming Humanities Texts project (14 people and growing!). I’ve met with almost everyone one-on-one and am excited to get the full group together. I’ll be aiming for that moment right after the semester begins that feels relatively calm. Ha. After much experimentation, I will finally be building my edition of The Confessions of Nat Turner for use in my class in October (and documenting my process as a resource). Finally, I have many things about ready to publish, all extending from a blog post for the Wiki Education site. Writing the post prompted me to create resources for use in my class and those are still in process…but almost there! I’m really loving @me.monicabrown 's work on social annotation as I think through things! Found it and many other wonderful things in @stacy.katz 's fabulous call for papers. So grateful for you all!!


So excited to hear how many collaborators you’ve got on board! It will be great for them to meet one another soon, and for you to kick off the project work with students in October.

Excited to see the publications; please let us know when anything is out so we can share it widely. And yay for inspiration from other TSP members! We’re all grateful for you too! :smiley:

@feb21-cohort — if you are yet to fill out the poll above for our session in September, please do so! I don’t want to make a decision without the input from the full group (or as many of you all as possible). And if you’ve filled this out already, thank you and my apologies for the extra notification (hopefully you also see it as a chance to celebrate Mary’s news!).

My main goal for this upcoming month is to have the guide ready for print and publication. This month I will be continuing to add images to the resource and prepare for the accessibility review. Like Joan mentioned, I will be taking on lead authorship of the OpenEd Conference proposal, so will spend the next month finessing details in preparation of the OpenEd Conference and supporting the team with communication efforts. Pieces are coming together quickly this month, which is very exciting! Special thanks to Apurva and this cohort for being so supportive and encouraging through this process. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Kaitlin! So exciting to see you’re taking the lead on the conference presentation. :smiley:

As for our next session, I’m just waiting to see if we can have @jsheffield, @dmoore, or @lscranton can attend so we have at least 1 representative from each project. More on this next week!

Hello everyone! I’m writing to confirm that we can go ahead with the date change for our session in September. It will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 14 at 10am ET/9am CT.

Please keep an eye out for the updated calendar invitation!