Billy Meinke, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Aloha everyone.

I’m Billy Meinke, OER Technologist for UH (at Manoa). I previously worked as an Instructional Designer for the Distance Course Design and Consulting (DCDC) Group inside UH. I also worked on the Education team at Creative Commons for a few years. I’m taking over the OER program at UH now, and am working with our system IT department, libraries, and our network of colleges to build out a Pressbooks-based open textbook project.

I came across the Rebus project by way of a blog post by Mike Caulfield, and discovered this community while at OpenEd16. I’m excited to see what others are doing around collaborative OER development.

I’m @billymeinke on Twitter if ya’ll do that.

Hi Billy, great to have you here! Look forward to seeing how your work develops with UH and hope you enjoy the rest of the conference.