Heather Rayl, Indiana State University

Hello, All!

I’m the Emerging Technology Librarian at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN.

I’ve been running what is a one-person OER project on our campus since 2012. This past year, I worked with our Communications Department for develop our very own OER textbook for COMM 101 using materials from a wikibook, and another open textbook, as well as some original content. Right now, I’m hoping to lead it through a second edition and a review process this summer.

I’m running my own instance of Pressbooks, and am looking for more departments willing to author materials. I have a couple in the works, but I’m starting to get overwhelmed with demands from the administration for more “Money Saving” conversions - meaning find more big classes and convert them to OER!

I have some coding chops, and am a decent copy-editor. Being a librarian, I’m also interested in access, dissemination, and discovery of open content.

Welcome, Heather! It sounds like you’ve been busy with all sorts in the OER arena, it’s wonderful to have you join us.

I hope we’ll be able to find ways to support your program as it continues to grow. In particular, we think our model can help to enable OT creation for those smaller courses that don’t get the same ‘money saving’ attention.