Call for Peer Reviewers: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology lab manual

Project name: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology Lab Manual
Subject: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology

Comparative Vertebrate Physiology Lab Manual is an OER resource written by students who were enrolled in an upper division lab along with a corresponding lecture course. The labs were written by individual students or groups of students, reviewed the week before by the instructor, and then the students taught their peers with the lab they had designed and written. The desire is to publish the lab manual publicly for others to use and build upon. There are eleven lab exercises and it is just under 100 pages.

Roles to be filled: 2 Peer Reviewers

Contributor requirements: Education or experience in comparative vertebrate physiology preferably in a classroom setting.

There is a small $50 stipend available.

Review Process:
The reviewers will have four weeks to complete their review, but adjustments can be made if more time is needed. We will follow an open review process, where the identities of reviewers are known to both the author and the librarian facilitating the review. Reviewers will be asked to make notes and comments using a Word document as well as complete a summary questionnaire. Review commentary will be visible to the author and facilitating librarian only. It will not be shared publicly. Reviewers will be credited in the lab manual upon its release.

I greatly appreciate your consideration!

Emma Lanners
OER Librarian
Utah Tech University

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