Call for Peer reviews: "inquiry Based Learning & SDG's"

Seeking peer reviewers for my Project “inquiry Based Learning & SDG’s” this Project was selected for UNESCO OE4BW (Open Education for Better World) this year. Its contain different five modules related Inquiry Based Learning,OER, SDG’s. Now i want to make more implementation of this project with the peer reviews of OpenEd Community.

How to make review: Here i attached the Project Editable doc with five modules where you can add your comments,suggestion as well. For anything more you are requested to contacted with me by email.

Mohammed Galib Hasan

Hi Galib. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll post about it on twitter and share your CFP in our next newsletter which comes out on October 16th.

On another note, we advise against sharing email addresses on the platform when possible. We see great value in CFP responses happening in public. It encourages others to participate, while providing a record of your project’s story. If you’re interested, the team behind Introduction to Philosophy does their team communication in public. Check out their discussion space: