Call for reviewers / editors: It's All Greek to Me ESL textbook


Project name: It’s All Greek to Me! Using Authentic Readings to Improve Knowledge of the English Language and Western Culture

Subject: advanced ESL, pre-University ESL, covering all 4 aspects if needed (reading, writing, listening, speaking), using Greek mythology and relevant articles.

Fewer than 50 words about the project: “It’s All Greek to Me!” has everything—entertaining stories, academic articles in a variety of disciplines, vocabulary crossover in literary and academic readings, connections to local, American, and Western culture, and plenty of chances for critical thinking for advanced students of English as a Second Language (ESL). All readings are authentic with minimal adaptation from a variety of sources. This textbook also gives help for advanced level grammar and writing issues, using outside sources, and reading and vocabulary strategies.

Roles to be filled: Proofreaders for the stories, examining for story inconsistencies or any areas where stories could be better developed for reading ease by deleting confusing, unnecessary parts. Checking questions to make sure they are worded properly. Knowledge of CEFR levels, academic word lists, and corpi (corpuses???) would be great.

Contributor requirements: Those who like short stories and like checking for spelling and grammar mistakes! If you have experience with the ESL field, that is definitely a plus.

Relevant links: My book:

Thank you in advance! I have been working on this for quite a while by myself. I definitely need some extra pairs of eyes to help point out crazy things that I have maybe accidentally added or deleted over the years!

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