It's All Greek to Me: Check-in

Hi Charity (@kinseikun), hope you are doing well!

I just wanted to check-in with you and see how you are finding your new project home. Do you have any questions, or require any assistance as you get set up?

If you have more details about your project that you’d like to share with the community, you can update the About topic with a longer, more detailed project summary. Take a look at our template and a completed example.

And of course, as your project progresses, let us know if you’d like us to share any calls for participation for your project soon. We look forward to seeing the team grow and supporting this project!


Fortunately, I hope that for the most part I am finished with everything–although I say that and every time I pilot the materials, there’s always something to change or add! I have been working on this project for nearly 5 years now and the work is very large so hopefully I won’t be adding much more!

I haven’t said much because due to my grant requirement, one of my coworkers will be piloting the materials in a course this fall, so I expect some feedback from that.

I guess if anything, I’d love to have some people read and just check for grammar errors and story inconsistencies or places where story parts can be deleted for conciseness. If anyone was familiar with TESOL / ESL work, especially with academic word lists or English corpora, that would be nice, too. My goal is the have the stories be readable and contain vocabulary that students will need in their academic careers although they are reading literature.

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Hi Charity,

Ha, it’s very hard to think of this kind of work as ‘completely finished’ – even if you’re out of things to change or add, someone else might want to pick it up and do something to keep the book evolving. 5 years is a long time, though, so kudos to you for keeping on with the project (and all by yourself too)! :clap:t5:

Great news about your coworker piloting course materials in the Fall. Student and instructor feedback from beta-testers can be invaluable, and give you some practical insight into how effective the book is at meeting the learning objectives. And a bonus: they become part of the community of practice around the book! This morning, I noticed a link to a collection of resources for collecting student and instructor feedback, if you wanted to take a look and pass along to your coworker: Open Ed Group Toolkit.

Would you want to collect feedback here in the platform, or would you want to collect responses via an annotation tool like (available on Pressbooks)? Once you’ve clarified this, you could share a post in the Contributor Marketplace, with:

  • Project name
  • Subject
  • Fewer than 50 words about your project
  • Roles to be filled
  • Contributor requirements
  • Relevant links (eg.: to the book)

This should give anyone interested in sharing their feedback some details about the book and how they can get in touch with you to get started.

Looking forward to seeing the call soon, and helping to amplify it in our channels! :smiley:

The instructor may be using the online version and might be using with them, so I don’t want to mark it all up while they are using it. In this forum would be fine! I’ll be making the announcement in the Contributor Marketplace soon. is a great tool to keep students engaged! The forum space is perfect for comments and feedback, letting you also have a conversation with any editors, proofreaders, and other collaborators. I’ve seen your call for reviewers/editors – it looks great! :smiley: If you wanted to share a quick version in this thread: Spread the word in the Rebus Community newsletter, @LeighKP will make a note to include the call in our newsletter and other social media channels. Looking forward to seeing how it is received!

Hi! The newsletter goes out Thursday afternoon. There’s still time to get your CFP in that newsletter. I just need the quick version @apurva mentioned.

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Thanks! I’ll get on it!

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Perfect, thanks so much! :smiley: