CFP Feedback Please

We have drafted our CFP and would like feedback. We especially want feedback on the guiding questions as we know they need some help.

call for participation text.docx (15.6 KB)

@may20-cohort — let John and the Children’s literature team know what you think of the call for participation so far.

My feedback:

  • I’d encourage adding a link to the project homepage, where someone can learn more about the project if they are curious
  • Since the first half the call is directed to the reader as “you,” I would suggest framing the guiding questions similarly.
  • The questions could be grouped together thematically: Influence, Impact, Self-identification, Habits, Concerns. This might help someone writing the call narrow in on a theme that resonates strongly with them and focus on the questions for that theme. The set of questions themselves seem to be good prompts.
  • Some questions seem quite similar and could be better distinguished, such as:
    • Did you/they see yourself/themselves in the children’s literature you/they read?
    • Did you/they see yourself/themselves reflected in the children’s literature you/they read?
  • What’s the age-range you are hoping people look back and reflect on? Or, another way to put it, what are the target reading ages you’d like respondents to talk about (eg: 6-10, 11-15)
  • Are there word limits for respondents? Other guidelines? I know there’s a balance to make sure you allow room for authors to share their own experiences and reflections.
  • What’s the submission deadline?
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Thank you for your helpful feedback. I just thought about something we didn’t include…we wanted to know how the children’s literature impacted future stories or the lack thereof.