Donna Langille - Practicum Student at Rebus

Hi everyone! I’m Donna. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m currently completing a practicum at Rebus. For my practicum project, I interviewed people from ten different Rebus projects to learn more about their experiences creating open textbooks. I’m currently writing case studies based on these interviews and learning so much along the way.

I am a soon-to-be graduate from the Master of Information Studies program at McGill where I specialized in academic librarianship. In addition to my practicum at Rebus, I am also a student librarian at Concordia University, a student graduate assistant at Teaching and Learning Services at McGill, and an independent research assistant. I am interested in OER, particularly from a social justice and pedagogical perspective.

I am always happy to chat with people about OER, libraries or feminism!


Hi Donna! Thanks for your introduction and for all your hard work on the case studies so far. We’re excited to share them with everyone here soon!

I’m curious about what it’s been like learning more about Open Education and the OER world given your specialization in academic librarianship.

We’re always happy to chat more about OER, libraries, social justice, pedagogy, or feminism, so feel free to start up a discussion whenever you’d like!

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Hi Donna and everyone! Thanks for librarians and library science! Thanks also for student assistants, including my colleagues here at Penn State. We share concerns for social justice and human rights; OER projects, including textbooksv help make education more accessible for all. Thanks for your work and I hope your work goes well.