Final Beta Call: Wednesday, 22 May, 12pm EST

Hi team! Our next call will be on Wednesday, 22 May, at 12pm EST at our usual link: We’ll be skipping what would have been the next date, May 10, as some in the group are travelling to conferences.

This is going to be a bit of a special call, as it marks nearly a year since we started out as a group. It will also be our final call as a group, but don’t worry! We’re currently working on some exciting plans to be able to scale these types of conversations, which we will share during our call – so you will all still have many avenues to be able to chat with @zoe, the other leads in this group, and me long after the 22nd. :slight_smile:

Our agenda will cover:

  • Project Updates
  • Updates from Rebus team
  • Reflections/thoughts on how the year has gone

As always, please let us know if you can’t make the call by replying below. The recording will be shared with those who could not attend.

We’ve been grateful for the opportunity to support you all over the course of the year, and also to have been learn from the amazing work you’ve been doing on your projects. As I said, this isn’t quite the end of the road in one sense: we’ll simply be connecting and conversing with each other slightly differently. Looking forward to chatting with you all soon!

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I’ll be at the CNIE conference in Vancouver. But, I have to say the regular Beta calls were a great help to me in generating ideas and keeping updated. Thanks! - Dana

Oh no, sorry to hear, Dana. Seems like May is chockfull of conferences! Thanks for letting us know, and we’ll be in touch with the recording.

I’m glad to hear that the calls were helpful – if you had any more feedback to share, please let us know. As I said, we’re in the midst of planning different ways to continue these types of discussions with the group and the community more broadly, so we’ll definitely take into account any comments you share. :slight_smile:

so sorry – I will be traveling to a niece’s graduation on May 22nd so will not be able to join. Apologies, as I too have appreciated the check ins and hearing the latest news. I will look for updates via the recording. Best, Deb

Thanks for letting us know, Deb, and congratulations to your niece!

We’ll be in touch with the recording soon after. As I mentioned to Dana, we’d love to hear any more feedback you have. We’re also keen to stay updated on all your projects, so keep an eye out for other ways to share news or check-in with other leads. :smiley:

Awe man I’ll be at the NorthEast OER summit in Mass (presenting on ECE OER). BUT I do love being able to listen to the recordings. Thank you for faithfully sending them out!

You’ll be missed! Thanks for letting us know.

Lots of conferences in May, as we’re finding out. Good luck with yours on the ECE OER!

Stay tuned for the recording soon. :slight_smile:

@cleblanc, @dbraunsc, @allisonbrown, @michelle.reed, @naomi.wahls, @sujones, @hagman, @rhersha, @carrie.cuttler, @jessica.kirschner, @scrissin, @mountag

Reminder about our call today, 12pm EST at our usual link! @zoe and I are looking forward to speaking with you all. :slight_smile:

As always, please let us know if you cannot make the call. The recording will be shared soon after.

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I’m at our “Faculty SUmmer INstitute” conference (talking about giving it a better name :slight_smile: )

OER has come up at unrelated sessions twice… once in an accessibility session where a Blackboard rep sort of tried to imply that … we need Blackboard to make stuff accessible – that this is an issue with OER. Interesting
b/c it was a tangent. The session was a general roundtable about accessibility.

I went to another session about UDL and speaker held up a resource and said we could use it and share it and it was … she stumbled over Open Education and Creative Commons and then just pointed to the CC-whatever
and said “just keep the copyright.”

So… people are starting to be aware of OER… and there was a session on an OER Fellows program somewhere…

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Nice to hear that it’s coming up in unrelated sessions, even if tangentially. I hope that you or others at the session were able to demystify some of the OER myths/perceived challenges (like those related to accessibility and copyright). Signs of sessions entirely on OER topics is excellent – the fellows program sounds exciting too! Lots of positive signs for growth. :smile:

To everyone who couldn’t attend our call today – the recording will be shared shortly.

Here’s a link to the blog post that @michelle.reed shared on the call: Building Community: Reflections on Conference Going, and the snippet of the short quote mentioned:

“Surround yourself with other people who believe in the cause and who are willing to be your partners and work together. Because they’ll be depressed on some days when you’ll be feeling good, and you’ll be depressed on some days when they’re feeling good, and if there’s enough of you there’s always somebody who is feeling happy on that day, and you can encourage and lift each other up.”

It was great to hear all the progress being made on projects, and to learn that you’ve found these calls valuable in different ways. We’re grateful for the opportunity to have supported you over the past year, and look forward to continuing to do so on this platform!