First project!

Hi @walcir.cardoso - I just wanted to say a big congrats and thank you on being the very first person to create their project on the new version of the platform!! Everything looks great so far, and we look forward to seeing much more from you and your team in the coming months :slight_smile:


Thanks, Zoe. Our team members, Mike Barcomb and Marie Senecal will be adding their names to the project soon. See you in a bit!


Awesome! I see you have @Mike on there now, and hopefully you can add Marie once she creates an account (I don’t think I’m seeing one yet). Hope you found the session today valuable, I was sorry to miss the second half.


Great to see how you’re going, Walcir! I see that you’ve also been able to add @am.senecal to the team, which is great. I’ve linked your project homepage from our ‘About the Cohort’ thread, so others can go take a look, get inspired, and maybe join forces!

Anne-Marie, welcome to the cohort! I’ve added you to our group, and also tagged you in the list of members in our ‘About the Cohort’ thread. Hope we can chat face-to-face at one of the upcoming sessions soon. :smiley:

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Thank you @apurva! Looking forward to chatting face-to-face :slightly_smiling_face: