How to offer and find help

How to find help

Start by writing up a long call for contributors, clearly stating the following:

  • the name of the project
  • the subject or themes
  • any additional context
  • where you need help
  • contributor requirements
  • relevant links

Create a call for participation in the Contributor Marketplace and tag it #CFP :loudspeaker:
Be sure to include:

  • Project name
  • Subject/Themes
  • Fewer than 50 words about your project
  • Areas where help is needed
  • Contributor requirements
  • Relevant links

Avoid directing collaborators to an email address to respond, instead encourage conversation in the topic. Visible activity around the topic shows public interest in your project.

Take a look at our guide to recruiting collaborators and engagement guide for additional tips.

How to offer help

To respond to a call for contributors, post a response and include the following:

  • your background and area of expertise
  • specific skills or qualifications
  • why you’re interested in the project
  • other ways you might participate

Even if what you can offer doesn’t explicitly respond to the stated need for help, letting the project team know you are interested may prompt them to follow up with you later on.