Katie Kirakosian, Adjunct archaeologist/anthropologist

Hello all,

I am very interested in the work being done here. I have taught dozens of in-person and online classes in anthropology and archaeology at various institutions. I have some open access course materials available through UMass Amherst when I taught Culture through Film. Here we spent a great deal of time creating lesson plans for the multiple discussion sections that were taught each week to ensure that there was continuity between teaching assistants. I am interested in writing an open archaeology or 4-field anthropology textbook.

Hi Katie, thanks for joining us! You might be interested in our history of science & technology project – it covers a wide range of regions & eras, and (I think) overlaps with archaeology and anthropology in places. And if you do decide to start your own open textbook project, we’d love to find ways to support you! We have a full stable at the moment, but are hoping to expand soon.