Project Announcements

Hi @misbell, @jsheffield — I have you both slotted in to share announcements about your project in our upcoming newsletter. Please let me know if you’re still on track (and if not, no worries). If you are ready, and can send me a link to your announcement, I’ll upload it into our blog and notify you when it’s complete. We will share it in the Rebus newsletter and social media over the week that follows.

@kaitlin, it sounded like your team also will have an announcement ready to share soon. Please let me know when this is live. I’d like to touch base with you or @mcdougallc before sharing. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to spreading the word and letting others know about the work in progress!

@apurva - Are you looking for something brief like this? (pulled from a past newsletter) -

Or if you’re looking for a lengthier blog post, do you have an example to share? I’ve been writing something up and think I’m ready to announce perhaps with my call for authors, but I just wanted to make sure I’m writing what you are looking for. Thanks!

Hi Jenna — I’ll likely place a short blurb of that length in the newsletter, but you could go longer with the post itself (~300 words). See a few examples:

@apurva - How does this look?

I’ve just requested access! :slight_smile:

@apurva - just edited your access.

Thank you! I had a look and left a few simple comments. This looks fantastic! If you’re okay with my edits, I can go ahead and load it up in our blog over the next day or two.

I especially liked how you:

  • clearly explained the project and its goals
  • offered readers a pathway for contribute (as authors)
  • connected the project to your larger initiative at the University of New Haven

Once this post and your CFA is up, I’ll encourage you to share it in a few open education listservs so you can get the word out.

@apurva - Thank you for your feedback! I made the suggested changes and think the call is ready to go.

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Thanks for confirming! I’ll load it up and keep you posted when it’s ready.

Hi @jsheffield , I’ve uploaded the post in our blog and had to make a few tweaks to the title for SEO — let me know what you think and if changes are needed.

@apurva - Looks great. Thanks!! :blush:

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As we’re gearing up to mid-May, it’ll be good to think about the announcements for the final 2 projects. I’m coordinating with @kaitlin about their blog post, and was wondering if anyone on the @oerteachered-team would like to get in touch with me as you put together your post?