March Group Check-In (October 2022 D Cohort)

Hello @oct22-d-cohort! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for our March monthly check-in! During our group session we’ll start by doing a show-and-tell of completed Pressbook chapters. In the second part of the session we’ll spend some times discussing the pros and cons of using Generative AI (especially ChatGPT) as part of your textbook and course development process–and hopefully we’ll have time to play around with some best practices. See below for a recently published article by Ethan and Lilach Mollick on using AI in the classroom.

Links related to our March Check-In:

  • Rebus April One-On-One Sign-Up : This is a scheduling link your group will use to sign up for a time slot that will count as our April One-On-One session. After discussing options with your group members, have a single member confirm the appointment and add other group members’ email addresses to the event confirmation page.
  • IMLS Milestones 2023 : This document includes the milestones for your OER textbook and Moodle course development. We’ll use these markers to help with monthly goals and check-ins.
  • Ethan Mollick, Using AI to Implement Effective Teaching Strategies in Classrooms: Five Strategies, Including Prompts: We can use Mollick as a starting point for thinking about what kinds of prompts work best for educators who want to use ChatGPT to help with their course development. Many of these also apply to textbook development.

Suggested Resources for April

In this section, I’m going to offer a few resources that may help with your group’s April OER goals, given the next milestone: “First Draft Completed in Moodle.”

Hi Joel

I am attending a conference and don’t think I will be able to attend your meeting. I’ll try, but please don’t count on me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


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It was great to hear from each of your groups today. You’re all making excellent progress! As a reminder, here’s the scheduling link for our April one-on-ones: Rebus April One-On-One Sign-Up. Within the next week (or the next time you meet/chat with your group), please pick an open time slot for mid to late April.

We didn’t have time to workshop ChatGPT stuff but here are the slides if you would like them.

Thank you!

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