May Group Check-In (LOUIS D)

Hello @oct22-d-cohort! I look forward to seeing you today for our May monthly check-in (you should see an event invite from Emily). During our group session we’ll do a show-and-tell of what you’re group is currently working on. I hope to have some discussion around the connections between your OER development and the Moodle module. OER development can be transformative for your pedagogy and I’m eager to see how your group’s course takes shape around the project.

Thanks for sharing your progress today! All of the teams are making excellent progress and are on a clear path to successfully deploying their OER (and Moodle courses) on time. That’s exciting.

For the June One-On-Ones, use the scheduling link below to sign up for a time that works best for your team. You can sign up for a time slot during the normal monthly check-in, or your team can pick another Monday in the month.

We looked at two resources that can help with aspects of your OER and Moodle Course developent. The first, Talking About Generative AI: A Guide for Educators, includes a section (pp. 18-23) that is helpful for thinking about what kinds of assessments take into account the use of generative AI (which, as we know, students will be using). The next link, a Pressbook co-developed by Rebus staff, links up quite nicely with discussions about how to assess during the era of generative AI—especially in areas related to “storytelling” and designing learning experiences that encourage students to think “beyond the academy”.