May Monthly Group Check-In (June 2022 Cohort)

Hello, @june22-cohort! I hope the spring semester has wrapped up well for you all. The penultimate session in our program will be happening in two weeks on May 23. This month we’ll be meeting as individual teams rather than as a full cohort. Please use this form to sign up for a 15-minute time slot. If none of the available slots work for you, please let me know so that we can arrange an alternate day/time. Also, when you sign up, be sure to include any members of your team who will be attending. You can do this by clicking “Add Guests” and adding their email addresses.

This will ensure that everyone on the team gets the calendar invitation for the meeting. I also encourage you to fill out the question at the end of the form to help give me a heads-up about any particular issues that you want to focus on during our meetings. This’ll help me to prepare a bit more beforehand and make the best use of our time together.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you all in a couple weeks!

Hello. I did not wish to reach out to all however my Pressbooks is not working correctly. I have email Pressbooks several says ago with not response and concerned I will lose my work. I cannot export it or download it correctly.

Any help is most welcome.

Respectfully, Karen Clark

@june22-cohort, just a reminder to sign up for a meeting slot if you haven’t already. If none of the available slots work for you, just let me know when you’re available, and we can find another time to meet. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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@karen.clark is it just not allowing you to export and download, or is it also not saving your work when you create new content? As long as it’s saving, you shouldn’t lose your work completely. We just might have more trouble exporting it to another instance of Pressbooks. We can take a look at it more closely tomorrow when we meet and see if we can figure out the issue.