Monthly Meeting Schedule for 2022

Hi, everyone @may21-cohort!

I hope you all had a nice break last week. We are slated to have our next monthly check-in in a few weeks as usual on December 16th. As we prepare for next year, however, I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to check their spring schedules and vote for a time for our monthly check-ins beginning in January. They will continue to be on the third week of the month.

Please complete this poll as soon as possible and indicate all times that you are available. Ideally, we will have a time finalized by the time we meet in December (on December 16). Please complete this poll by December 15. Thanks, all!

  • Monday at 11-12:30 EST
  • Monday at 1-2:30 EST
  • Wednesday at 1-2:30 EST
  • Wednesday at 3-4:30 EST
  • Friday at 11-12:30 EST
  • Friday at 1-2:30 EST

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While I have selected the time I am free (sadly it is only one of the provided times), I am only free every other Friday at that time.

Thanks for letting us know, Tracy. @gladja0 and I plan to finalize the schedule at next week’s session. If we don’t have the consensus with the survey, we’ll definitely look at other options. The goal is to have at least 1 person from each team present at the session! So if you haven’t voted yet, @may21-cohort, please do so!

Sadly, none of the slots works for me due to my class schedule. I can participate for about an hour during 1-2:30pm on Mondays, Wednesday, or Fridays.