MyOpenMath Course Edits - Post QM Review

@bkunwor @Yi_Zhen @ddensmore

Edits made in MyOpenMath course:

  • Originally, the homework that was there was following a different textbook.

  • A lot of work still needed:
    o Editing homework assignments and making others for sections that aren’t made
    o Make Quiz for each chapter - The assignment links are created, in Quizzes folder, just need questions to go in them.
    o Make Exams 1, Midterm, Exam 2, Exam 3, and Final - The assignment links are created, in Exams folder, just need questions to go in them.

  • Still need to remove some content that is not needed.
    o Folder – Original Assignments

Still To-Do:

  1. Export Quiz and Exam assignment links into Moodle Course
    • Changes to questions and instructions can still be made after they get imported.

  2. Settle on instructions on assignments (Homework, Quizzes, and Exams)
    • In Settings on assignments in MyOpenMath:
    a. Summary – What they see when they click on them in the LMS
    b. Intro/Instructions – What they see after they open them
    • Should we just leave these blank and give directions to adopting faculty on how to edit?
    • This can be done with a mass change.

The chapter assignments require review. Need to work on quizzes, exams, course maps, and schedules so I will start with the initial three chapters, create links for quizzes and exams within those sections, and link them to the module.