Project Archive: Criminal Law and (In)Justice: An Introduction

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Criminal Law and (In)Justice: An Introduction
Subject: Criminal
Book Language: English
Audience: This textbook is intended for introductory (100-level) criminal law courses.
Video: Criminal Law & (In)Justice textbook project intro - YouTube
Created date: February 16, 2022
Updated date: March 10, 2022
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Short Description:
This culturally responsive OER textbook is designed for students in introductory criminal law courses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with a particular focus on public higher education and the needs and interests of community college criminal justice students specifically.
In contrast to a traditional criminal law textbook, which asks questions of black letter law and its application, this textbook will consider criminal law from a critical social perspective, using a analytical lens to evaluate the role of the criminal law in society, with a particular focus on the context of Massachusetts.

We will explore questions such as: What is the relationship between law and (in)justice? How has the criminal law been used as an instrument that reproduces, rather than reduces or addresses, racial, economic, and social injustice and social inequality? How can the law (and its enforcers and practitioners) advance the goal of a more just, equitable, and safe world?