Project Status Updates: Understanding the Holocaust: Remembrance, Respect, and Resilience

Welcome to Understanding the Holocaust: Remembrance, Respect, and Resilience!

Want to know what we’re up to? Keep an eye on this topic for updates and news about the project’s progress.

We @PSU3R-team join the @feb20-cohort sequence of Zoom meetings, which include:

9am Rebus community meeting (educational, encouraged).
10:30 post-Rebus team Zoom meeting (hosted by Julie Meyer or Michael Polgar).

We will use and develop online (‘cloud’) spaces for our team and project:

  1. Our team ‘PSU3R…’ space in Microsoft Office 365 (and associated Group that can be used for emailings)
  2. The team space in Rebus (team name ‘PSU3R-team’) – requires login
  3. The Feb2020 course space in Rebus (also requires login)

Hope this helps!

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Good job Michael. Thank you for setting up these spaces.

Teammates: do you have press books experience? If so, what is the ‘learning curve?’

Following Rebus, we want most buy-in possible (let’s identify our ‘3R’ stakeholders who would use and/or promote the text, as well as possible co-authors).

Feel free to respond to either our team or entire Rebus group as we learn about ‘incorporating accessibility and marketing best practices into the creation process.’

I’ve worked in PB for over a yr now and the same w/ Brad. Julie and Sara are well versed as well from their previous work in ACT. I’ll create a PB today and add everyone. You’ll see that PB has a visual (wysiwyg) and text (html) editing interface which makes the learning curve fast whether you’re comfortable w/ html or not.

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We have access to Pressbooks and have experience with it. I have asked Wade to set up that space. Maybe we can talk about it this morning. - JulieM

Awesome and thanks Julie and Wade