Project Summary: Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students


Title: Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students
Lead Author: Linda Frederiksen (Washington State University Vancouver) / @lindafrederiksen326
Rebus Project Manager: Zoe Wake Hyde / @zoe
License: CC BY
Target Audience: Nursing and Education graduate students
Subject: Nursing / Education
Target Release Date: Fall 2017

We’re very excited to celebrate the first release of Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students! You can read the book for free on the web and download it in multiple formats from the book’s homepage. Interested in adopting or adapting the book? Please let us know!

This open textbook is designed for students in graduate-level nursing and education programs. From developing a research question to locating and evaluating sources to writing a sample literature review using appropriate publication guidelines, readers will be guided through the process.

We are currently looking for people interested in adopting or adapting this book. If you’re interested in doing so, or helping us promote course adoptions, please let us know!

This project couldn’t happen without your participation. All contributing authors will be credited prominently in their chapter, the book, the metadata and promotional materials. All editors, reviewers and other contributors will also be credited.

The Table of Contents is as follows:
0. Preface

  1. Introduction
  2. What is the literature?
  3. How to get started
  4. Where to find the literature
  5. Evaluating sources
  6. Documenting sources
  7. Synthesizing sources
  8. Writing the literature review
  9. Conclusion
  10. Appendices
    10.1. Answer key
    10.2. CC or OA Education article
    10.3. CC or OA Nursing article
  11. Index

Relevant Resources:
Chapter review sign up sheet
Reviewer guide

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Literature reviews #OER written by @lfrederiksen2 & Sue Phelps is now released! Read it for free in different formats

Current Project Team:
@lindafrederiksen326 (lead author), Sue Phelps (co-author), @zoe (Rebus project manager), @hugh, @lizmays, @piercejb, @stephanie.roth, @brockfahslibrarian, @marykathleenb86, @bethp… and you?

My name is Jenny Pierce and I am interested in helping on this project. I currently work in a medical library at Temple University. I have always worked in medical libraries. My most relevant experience includes being a co-author on two chapters in “Comprehensive systematic review for advanced nursing practice” and working as a peer reviewer for the open access Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association. I would be interested in being a chapter reviewer. I have never worked on an open textbook. Thank you!

Hi @piercejb You have just the expertise we’re looking for in a chapter reviewer! We will be in touch soon with next steps.

Hi! I work with Jenny and I am also interested in helping. I am part of an editorial board, have knowledge of various review methods and systematic review methods. I also have co-authored a few book chapters and papers.

Hi @stephanie.roth This is fantastic. Welcome to the project team! We’ll loop back soon with next steps.

Hi, my name is Jackie Sipes, and I am a reference and instruction librarian at Temple University. I am liaison to Temple’s College of Education and I work heavily with education graduate students in classes and one-on-one teaching them how to conduct literature reviews. I also conducted a literature review myself when I was writing my master’s paper in information & library science. I’ve never worked on an open textbook before, and I’d be happy to help in any areas I can!

Hi @jsipes We would be thrilled to have you contribute. Stay tuned for next steps!

I’m Elizabeth Yates, liaison/scholarly communication librarian at Brock University in St. Catharines, ON, Canada. A significant amount of my liaison work focuses on teaching comprehensive literature searching skills to graduate students and faculty in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences – including the Department of Nursing. I am trained in systematic review searching and will be participating (for the first time!) as a Nursing systematic review co-author this spring. I have extensive experience in writing and copy-editing from a previous 19-year career as a newspaper reporter/editor. And finally, I avidly promote OER/open scholarship in my scholarly communication role.
I’d be thrilled to participate in this project!

Hi @brockfahslibrarian We would be thrilled to have you as a reviewer. We will reach back soon with details and next steps. In the meantime, welcome aboard!


I’m Mary Brunskill. I have a master’s degree in library and information studies and experience proofreading and copyediting. I’d be happy to do any proofreading you need for this project.

Hi @marykathleenb86 Thanks so much for lending your expertise to this book–the writing is still in process, but we will reach back soon with next steps!

My name is Beth Perry and I am a professor in the Faculty of Health Disciplines at Athabasca University in Alberta Canada. It has been my delight to supervise many graduate students in nursing and health studies as they complete their research. There is a very great need for an open textbook for health care students on this topic so I am pleased to assist with the development process. Perhaps I could be helpful as a chapter reviewer?

Timeline (preliminary):

@bethp Thanks so much for joining us, Beth! It sounds like you are well versed in the area and we would love to have you as a reviewer. Linda (@lindafrederiksen326 ) is close to having the first chapters ready for review, so we’ll be in touch soon.

Hi @piercejb, @stephanie-roth, @jsipes, @brockfahslibrarian and @bethp! I hope you have all been keeping well.

I’m checking in to let you know that the first three chapters of this book will be ready for peer review early next week and I am hoping you are still interested in being reviewers. The process would look something like this:

  1. You are given access to the chapter(s) in Google Docs (the chapters are in the 3000-6000 word range)
  2. We also give you a light review guide/rubric to follow
  3. You leave comments and feedback in the Google Doc and let us know when completed (we’ll aim to give a 2-3 week window for this, but are flexible if you’d like more time)
  4. Linda reviews your feedback and may respond to your comments to discuss/clarify
  5. Linda incorporates suggestions and the chapters are ready for the next stage!

As I said, there will be three chapters available next week, with another six to come over the next month or two.

Would any of you be willing to sign up for these first chapters? Please let me know if so, or if you have any questions!

Hi @zoe I am willing to sign up for these first chapters!

@jsipes Thanks, Jackie! That’s wonderful, we really appreciate it. The first three chapters are:

  1. Introduction (~6000 words)
  2. What is the literature (~4000 words)
  3. How to get started (~3000 words)

Would you have a preference for any of these?

@zoe My preferences in order

  1. How to get started
  2. what is the literature
  3. introduction

Hello @zoe I am able to help with the first chapters too! I will be on vacation next week so I may need an extra week! I don’t have any preference for the chapter. Thanks again for allowing me to be part of the project!

Hi. I can’t help help next week. Sorry. I can do later chapters.

@jsipes Thanks Jackie! Let’s give you your first pick, How to Get Started. I’ll send you an email with access and the review guide in the next few days.