Project Summary October 2022 D Cohort

Hi all. Since the checklists have asked us to post to the Project Summary thread, I decided it would be ok to start the thread. Feel free to delete if I should not be starting threads.

Here is my preliminary project summary to give us something to manipulate:


brief summary of your OER. Explain how the project came about and its importance. **What do you hope this resource will achieve?

Human Geography is a topic that helps prepare students for an understanding of how humans function in society. Access to a course covering this information in an open source format is very useful for equalizing the playing field between the various classes of society.

This project, creating a Louisiana-focused Human Geography textbook and coursework, will create open source lessons and readings that focus on Louisianians’ desires to learn about Human Geography. Those lessons and readings will draw in examples that include diverse audiences and cultures found in Louisiana. This resource should be appealing and useful to high school and lower level college/university instructors teaching the Human Geography course. The examples created to highlight key concepts in Human Geography be useful to non-Louisiana audiences as well.