ROTEL Rebus TSP Feedback session

Dear M-1 Cohort Participants (@July22-M-1-cohort) ,

Since we weren’t able to find a meeting time for the Touch-Base this week, we will use 30 minutes of the upcoming meeting on Monday, October 17, 2022.

The intention is to regroup as a (hopefully more complete) cohort to touch base on some questions that have come up so far! This short session will help all of us align Rebus & ROTEL support and expertise in this grant initiative.

The goals are for everyone to walk away with a clear set of expectations around goals & participation, and to be confident in navigating to the right tools, resources, or individuals in their project work.

Below is what is planned as the agenda (and was shared via email earlier this week).

Agenda Items:

  1. Outcomes and goals (individual, project-specific, institutional)
    • Approach
    • MOU and expectations
  2. Infrastructure
    • TSP Curriculum Hub
    • Modes of engagement/ learning pathways (forum, live sessions, team meetings, homework, Rebus Guide)
  3. Importance of Team Meetings (support, accountability, progress)

Sounds good. Thank you.

V. Martínez, PhD
Professor of Anthropology
Honors Program Coordinator
Holyoke Community College

  • The Women of Color Healthy Equity Collective Executive Leadership, Research Consultant & Equity Trainer *

Thank you for the update, Jordis!