TSP Facilitator Change Notice

@July22-M-1-cohort Hi everyone,

I hope your week has been good, and that you’re all looking forward to a restful weekend. We on the Rebus side wanted to follow-up with you post Monday’s TSP Feedback conversation with a small update. Thank you all again for those who could be there to share your perspectives, and for anyone who watched the recording.

We’re looking forward to meeting on Monday for Session 7: Content Creation, but with a small change in facilitator. Amy has unfortunately had to step back from her facilitation role as some of the responsibilities grew outside of her workload as a Rebus contractor. I’ll be stepping in to support and guide you all through the remainder of Phase 1, while my colleague @joerdis will be working with you all more closely in Phase 2. You can learn more about each of us on the Rebus website, but I’m truly excited to connect with you (and your projects) all more closely in the weeks to come.

Amy is cheering you on from the sidelines, and we are confident that you will be well supported with us Rebus staff going forward!

Thanks in advance for accommodating this change. I’ll do my best to make sure this transition is smooth, and look forward to collaborating with you all!