Session 5 (LOUIS D). Meeting with the Facilitator

Hi @oct22-d-cohort, I like forward to seeing your groups one-on-one today. You should already have the Zoom invitation, like normal. Just jump into our Zoom space at the time your team has signed up for in the Nov 14th Sign-Up Sheet. To simplify things, I’ll list those times here:

12:30 = Western Civ II
12:45 = Philosophy
1:00 = Microeconomics
1:15 = World Regional Geography
1:30 = Human Geography

Here are some of the things we’ll move through when we meet. Your groups will shift into a new phase at the beginning of 2023 so my goal right now is just to make sure you’re set up for success.

  • A draft of project summary exists and (ideally) has been shared on the Project Forum pages.
  • You’ve begun discussing roles
  • Clear understanding of documentation system and communication preferences
  • Teams have set up a regular meeting schedule
  • Teams have started to identify and review OER
  • Teams have identified and addressed challenges within teams that have come up so far

If some of your team members cannot attend, the Zoom recording should be available like normal. The 12:30 group meeting will start at that time promptly!

Microeconomics Project 5 Cohort Project Summary

Hi @oct22-d-cohort! This week, you and I had the chance to meet 1:1 in your project teams. Here are some things that came up:

  1. Your LOUIS deadlines will kick off beginning in 2023. The first big deadline is December 2023. LOUIS will provide suggested sub-deadlines (SMART goals) to help scaffold your group work. Each group can modify the SMART goal strategy as needed. We’ll talk more about strategic deadlines as we get closer to 2023.
  2. You’ve all been meeting and discussing key elements found in the Project Summary. Excellent! This document should continue to provide a foundation you can use to hit the ground running in 2023.
  3. A number of the groups are coalescing around Google Suite solutions for their groups, with some also using Basecamp to help with project management. My tip would be to use what you’re most familiar with at first, but also consider project management solutions (such as Basecamp and Notion) if you begin to face hurdles related to complexity.
  4. Some (not many) of you have been missing notifications from Rebus. You can check your notifications settings in your Profile>Preferences>Notifications. Otherwise, check Junk or Spam to see if Rebus emails are being filtered out of your inbox.

Our next session is November 28th! After Fall/Thanksgiving Break we’ll reconvene as a cohort and talk about Accessibility and Inclusive Design!

I see you’ve posted this document to your “About” page in Rebus. Thanks @brian.sherman!