Session12: Curriculum Wrap Up

Here are the files for this week:

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Final Reflection Activity:
Visit one of the suggested open image repositories:

  1. Find and download a picture that represents your learning experience around DEI in Phase 1.
  2. Upload the picture to the Session 12 thread in your cohort discussion space on the Rebus Forum.
  3. Add a title and a brief description that tells us why you chose that image.
  4. Review others’ posts.

I love this photo. It’s in Chapter 1 of my book. The chapter is “What is a Family”. The photo is joyful and makes me smile every time that I look at it. Part of my project plan is to add inclusive and diverse images to the adapted text which lacks images altogether.

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Teamwork by davis.steve32 CC-BY

I learned this project will require teamwork beyond our institutional groups - we all have expertise from different perspectives (technical knowledge, subject matter expertise, librarianship, etc), so I think it will be important for support teams to stay in communication with one another for lessons learned. Also - I selfishly LOVE working in teams at HCC.

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I chose this image because the project has forced me to generate new ideas.

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“When my brothers try to draw a circle to exclude me, I shall draw a larger circle to include them.”

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Photo by Rakicevic Nenad:

Titles: Expanse, Opening up the Space, Letting Go, Larger Perspective
I chose this image because this process expanded my idea of what could be done and what I wanted to do. I like the container to acknowledge the need to let go of preconceived ideas. Broaden the landscape.

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I like this image as I am learning about open pedagogy.

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Congratulations everybody! We have now hit a major milestone in TSP: this is week 12 and with that, we have completed Phase 1! We hope that as we worked through our intensive sessions in the last 12 weeks with you, the curriculum has helped you gain clarity on what open publishing entails and all the innovative possibilities it holds for your teaching practice. That being said, there’s still plenty to explore and learn over the coming 9 months as a community of practice, as we move into Phase 2 of the program.

This session saw us do a few different things. We revisited the key takeaways of TSP Phase 1, created spaces for reflection, clarified expectations for Phase 2, and did some goal setting work.

The first part of our session was dedicated to wrapping up Phase 1. I provided a brief recap of the past 12 weeks, before I asked everyone to complete an evaluation. Those of you, who missed the session, please kindly submit your feedback with the respective cohort survey below [10-15 min]:

In the second part of our session, we looked ahead to Phase 2 of the Textbook Success Program and discussed the following items (alternating between brief input from me and activities done by the participants):

  • I shared what to expect from our monthly sessions going forward and asked everybody present to agree to the expectations (See Slide 12 in our slide deck).

  • I laid out how we can stay in touch asynchronously in between meetings (See Slide 13)

  • The teams started discussing their project-specific goals for Phase 2 and consolidated their project timelines. Access our cohort specific folders for the template guiding this activity:

    1. Feb 22 A Cohort
  • We did a final reflection activity where we asked cohort members to reflect on their DEI learning in the program, and upload an image that best represents this in the forum. If you were absent, please complete this activity as outlined in the handout.

To prepare for our first cohort meeting in Phase 2, please consult the session handout and do the suggested homework activities.

It’s been wonderful working with you in the last 12 works and l look forward to supporting you going forward as well. Please note that our next session will happen on:

  • Feb 2021 ADAPT Cohort: Friday, May 27, 2022
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Photo by S. H. Gue on Unsplash

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination