Session 12: Curriculum Wrap Up - October 2022A Cohort

Hi @oct22-a-cohort,

Thursday is our last session of Phase 1. We will be wrapping up the curriculum and reflecting on the process, as well as previewing our Phase 2 monthly meetings.

The slides and handout are available for you to look at prior to the session, if you would like.

For the reflection activity, I’ll explain more during the session, but here are the instructions (and you’re certainly free to post those in between now and then, too):

Please find a picture that helps you articulate your learning experience around DEI in Phase 1. Post the picture to this thread (Session 12) in the Rebus Forum.


  1. Visit one of the suggested image repositories:
  1. Find and download a picture that represents your learning experience around DEI in Phase 1.
  2. Upload the picture as a reply to this Session 12 thread on the Rebus Forum.
  3. Add a title and a brief description that tells us why you chose that image.
  4. Review others’ posts and comment if you feel compelled.

I found one with words that I liked as a start, but it felt incomplete, so then went the abstract route (I prefer not to use humans for representing DEI for the very reason that most images often present a limited view on what DEI can mean— often something/someone is/could be perceived as being left out).

Just peeking in to see what things I hadn’t learned before this round of Rebus :slight_smile:


There are so many photos of pro-immigrant rights protests so this may be a direction to go in. But I also want to challenge the “nation of immigrants” narrative and highlight indigenous perspectives, too, so I need to keep searching.

This one is also great!

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I like this one because it looks like public art or graffiti art. It’s not overly stylized and the message is simple. jon-tyson-Bgd9VsD9EvQ-unsplash.jpg

on Splash. Photo by Reed Naliboff: “A man riding a wave”

It’s about balance, equilibrium, finding that right wave, and staying on top of it, but getting back on track if you happen to fall off.

Thank you Stacy, and all of you, for a great Phase 1 of this program.

Well I was thinking that one of the main goals for our course and book is that students should feel they belong in college and at Lehman.

Photo by Amer Mughawish on Unsplash

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

Hi @oct22-a-cohort,

Thank you for sharing these images, as well as your thoughts, ideas, and hopes for your OER over the past 12 weeks.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a common time in the last survey for our Phase 2 meetings. I’ve added some new times, so please complete this survey as soon as possible. Once we have a time set, we can look at Manifold and Pressbooks demos for the first session of Phase 2.

Here is the chat from Session 12. I especially want to point out the Equity Unbound Workshop on ChatGPT next week.

We hope that as we worked through our intensive sessions in the last 12 weeks with you, the curriculum has helped you gain clarity on what open publishing entails and all the innovative possibilities it holds for your teaching practice. That being said, there’s still plenty to explore and learn over the coming 9 months as a community of practice, as we move into Phase 2 of the program.

This session saw us do a few different things. We revisited the key takeaways of TSP Phase 1, created spaces for reflection, clarified expectations for Phase 2, and did some goal setting work.

To prepare for our first cohort meeting in Phase 2, please review your goals and continue to work on your style sheets, sample chapters, or whatever else might be useful as a step in meeting your goals.