Seventh Monthly Check-in: March

Hi @may21-cohort, thanks for the excellent February group session last week. Before mentioning anything else, I want to emphasize one action item: Please sign up for a March one-on-one targeted session by clicking on this Calendly Conference link. When you select a time that works for you and click confirm, you’ll notice that I ask a few questions (such as your SMART goals) about your project. Please answer those questions so we can make our next meet as effective as possible–I know your time is precious!

The window for the targeted sessions is March 14-30. I’ve made space for several appointments surrounding the time of our new monthly day and time, but you’ll notice other options as well, for those whose schedules didn’t align.

February Recap and Other comments
Those who were able to attend shared their continued progress. As the chat transcript shows, A few of us troubleshooted some Pressbooks-related questions, such as how to organize vocabulary lessons using tables. @emily.frank referred us to this vocab table example she likes. Later, when working on this issue with @apurva, we practiced the “convert text to columns” option in Excel/Sheets as a way to get the information from something like Google docs into table formatting. Oh the joys of formatting!

My understanding is that a number of you will be meeting with the M.O.S.T. facilitator soon to discuss some final items. I’ll be following up on that soon to see if there’s anything I can help with. In the meantime, feel free to respond to this thread with information you’ve been getting from M.O.S.T. about their expectations for the remainder of your OER project. One of my goals for between now and our March targeted sessions is to firm up what M.O.S.T. wants from you as an exit item.

See you in March:)

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I’m resending this part of our recent announcement for those who haven’t signed up yet for the March 14-30 one-on-one meetings! (see below for the sign-up link) Two more things: 1) April will also be one-on-one sessions. May, our last session, will cap things off with a final group session. 2) I spoke with Annika at MOST and she relayed this about your remaining grant expectations: “We don’t have any specific expectations. … We will expect them to complete a final report that describes their process and progress, as well as next steps.” Hopefully that’s good news for you!

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Hi, Joel. I need the sign-up link.

Dr. Tracy L.F. Worley, PMP
University Writing Program
University of Baltimore

Hi Tracy. It was part of the quote, but that may have made it less obvious. Here’s the link: Calendly - Joel Gladd

Hi @apurva and @joerdis. Today I met with @chandra.bajracharya and she asked about getting feedback from other content experts. She wants to create a survey that would efficiently do this, something she could send to others who could potentially use the textbook. Do either of you know of a survey template or example that Chandra could look at? Do you have other tips for her?


@gladja0, good morning. May I ask whether @chandra.bajracharya wants to create an adoption survey or something that is more of a review prior to the release?

Wishing you a beautiful day! We will be having 18 degrees for a day today, which is such a delight after endless months of winter and storms.

Hi @joerdis. It’s my understanding that @chandra.bajracharya wants something for a review prior to the release.

Hello again @gladja0 , I had waited for Apurva to get back from her trip to ask if she knew of any resources, but we have to admit that we are both not entirely sure what the request is exactly. Do you mind encouraging Chandra to post the question in the cohort forum and tag us, so we can communicate or clarify more directly?

Thank you very much,

In the meantime, the BC Open Textbook Review Rubric might be helpful (though I am not entirely sure this wasn’t shared with your cohort yet).
BC-Open-Textbooks-Review-Rubric.docx (89.8 KB)

Hello again, @gladja0 . Apurva just pointed out to me that Chandra wasn’t part of the team during the Phase 1 session on Reviewing. Would you mind referring her to the materials presented then (particularly the additional resource section in the handout)? This might already give her plenty of ideas, but if she still needs more, let her know to reach out to us via the forum!

Here’s the Session 9 handout on Review and Feedback, @chandra.bajracharya, per @joerdis’s suggestion.

Hey @chandra.bajracharya – the BCcampus rubrics and review guide examples in the handout could be a great place to gather feedback from other instructors or subject matter experts. A lot of these pieces could be easily adapted to fit the form of a survey!

The Textbook Evaluation Toolkit in the handout could be a good place to start to get feedback from students.

Does anyone else in the @may21-cohort have a survey that you have been using that you’d like to share with Chandra and her team?