Spanish Team Planning Thread

@gemmamorawski and @ana, this is a space where you may keep your World Language conversations Spanish-specific.


Thank you @ana and @Lashleyed I am really excited to create great things with both of you!

I am excited too! great team!

Outline of Tentative topics and Grammar points. Does this look right, Gemma?

SPAN 101-

Chapter 1
Nouns and articles
Numbers 0 and higher
Forming Questions

Chapter 2
Present tense of SER and ESTAR
Difference between SER and ESTAR
Telling time

Chapter 3
Present tense of AR, ER and IR verbs
Present tense of Venir and Tener
Descriptive adjectives

Chapter 4
Present tense of IR
Stem-changing verbs
irregular YO form

Chapter 5
Estar with conditions, emotions and progressive.
Direct and Indirect object pronouns
Por and para

Chapter 6
Reflexive verbs
Saber y Conocer
Verbs like Gustar

SPAN 102

Chapter 7
Demostrative Pronuns
Regular preterite
Preterite of SER and IR

Chapter 8
Preterite stem changing verbs
Indefinite and negative words
Preterite of SER and IR

Chapter 9
Irregular preterites
Verbs that change meaning in preterite
¿Qué and Cuál?
Pronouns after prepositions

Chapter 10
The imperfect tense
The Preterite and the imperfect
Constructions with SE

Chapter 11

Reciprocal reflexives
Stressed possessive adjectives and pronouns


This is such a great, deliberate start to your project!

I have to agree with Jonathan — what a great start! :slight_smile: I have a few Spanish OER that I’ve come across — would you prefer I share it in this thread?

Ana that is correct! As we move forward we might have to switch it around…But I like our starting point

Yes please! That would be great! Thank you, Apurva!

That would be amazing Apurva! Thank you…

No problem! Lots of instructors on different OER listservs have asked for Spanish resources before, so credit goes to them. Here’s what I was able to round up from their responses:

There’s lots more to be found in MERLOT and OER Commons.

I may also suggest reaching out to Jeff Ruth (@jruth) who was also working on creating Spanish language resources.

Hope this is a good start.

Here’s another helpful resource from @ed.beck:

Also this project from SUNY Oneonta and Lumen: Introductory Spanish I | SUNY OER Services

We made a few thousand interactives as part of this, and those are in the learnosity platform, but for future remixers, we tried to put a plain text version of almost every interactive, so that it could be cut and paste.

We also hired voice actors to read the scripts that we made, and have audio for every vocab word.

Take a look at the interactive elements; some of these may be helpful for you all to build on rather than creating anew for your book.