German Team Planning Thread

@franziborders and @rsibrian, This is a space where you may keep your World Language conversations German-specific.

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Here is a brief update on our planning and work that we have been up until now.

Our university has been working with Deutsch im Blick (this is housed in COERLL at UT Austin) - for our first year (two semesters) of German. This is our first year in use, but we will continue to work with this. I would like to do a re-work of this text to update videos, grammar portions and vocabulary lists.

For this project: We are going to re-work the grammar sections for the first semester of German, using the explanations of from this text and making our own grammar activities.

Where we are at right now: I think that we are in the very beginning stages of this, but have identified main categories. But we are talking a lot about this.

Where we are going: I think that we are leaning towards a pressbooks style publication, but I am not sure at this point. The text is in a website, and I see the advantages of this, but also the disadvantages.



Are you still in need of contributors or authors? I didn’t see the CFP or info on the Contributors marketplace, so I figured I’d ask here.

I was working on beginning stage plans to make my own German textbook, when I found this thread. I teach German language and film courses, as well as Holocaust courses (focused on film, art and literature), and I have a Ph.D. in German Studies. I have experience with Deutsch im Blick and it’s ancillary website Grimm Grammar, as well as the OER textbook A Foundation Course in Reading German], and I have made ancillary materials for students to practice more in depth. I have an OER Creator Badge from COERLL, and working on submitting more for the other badges.

Let me know if I can help out here or with the German textbook planning?

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We are in the beginning stages of planning a text targeted for High School classes at #open-textbooks-in-development:auf-dem-weg-high-school-german

I hope this is not seen as further stratification. But currently no secondary level OER text exists, and often we spend our time adapting off the shelf or college OER materials for our classes. It might be good to have some post-secondary folks help with the process so that there can be a clear on-boarding path into your undergraduate courses.


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@rsibrian @franziborders @franziborders1 - Andrew is the lead behind the high school German textbook that I mentioned during our TSP session yesterday! Hope you can connect and strengthen both your resources. :slight_smile:

Hello Andrew,

My name is Franziska Borders and my colleague, Becca Sibrian, and I have been working on a grammar edition to Deutsch im Blick which is OER. Becca and I are both teaching German at the university level but also work closely with our German high school teachers.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,