Team Planning Meetings

Hello team!

I’m excited to start diving into this project with you. To begin the discussion and begin the work of writing this text, I suggest a meeting this Friday. Below is a poll of some available times. Please select all of your availability and I will try to get a meeting invite out over Google Meets.

  • Friday 5PM EST
  • Friday 6PM EST
  • Friday 7PM EST

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Very Productive Meeting Tonight (7/7/20)
Topics Included:

  • Unit Design
  • Curriculum Sequence
  • MOU
  • Next Steps

Next meeting is scheduled for 7/21/20 @7PM EST

Today is the second day back to school and there has been some excitement. As WL dept head, I will need to deal with that tonight and may not be able to attend the meeting or I may be late. Will there be a join link sent out for the meeting? I’m still very interested in participating with the group, so please keep me updated about the progress, when the next meeting is, action steps in the meantime, etc. I have three units almost ready for Level 1 but I need to check the status of some pics I used.
karla bell

I am double booked for tonight, so I will check in with you at 7 but have to leave soon. The last 2 weeks were crazy with school starting here as well. I am working on my level 3 units and will share as I teach them.

Given the challenges, would it be easier to push til Saturday or Sunday?

Yes, for me defiantly! Maybe Sat late afternoon, before Matt has to eat dinner with his family? Matt?


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I can do late Saturday afternoon or early evening. Or Sunday morning or Dunday early evening.

I’ll defer to Matt and others. I’ll be available early evening on.

Saturday is fine with me!

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The link to tonight’s meeting: