Team Meet & Greet: Preschool to Prison


I am new to the Rebus community, but am interested in doing an OER book. I work in higher ed and have a background (a Masters) in ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) and am a former teacher. I have also taught classes and worked in Correctional Facilities and would like to blend these two worlds. My goal is to connect the idea of struggling schools with over population in prison. I’d also like to show that a lack of education can (and sometimes does) lead to incarceration

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hi there!

Welcome to Rebus! I love the way you’re melding your experiences to create great OER. It sounds like the finished product will truly come from the heart.

I’m wondering if you know @amanda.taintor. Amanda has worked on an ECE open textbook project called CORE 8: Early Childhood Courses, and she’s full of great advice.

Happy New Year!