The best training for librarians supporting OER and open pedagogy?

Hello @feb21-cohort! I hope this finds you all well.

I’m writing a grant and including funds for our 3 of our information literacy librarians to participate in professional development opportunities around OER and open pedagogy. I’m hoping some of you will have suggestions on specific training opportunities that would be especially amazing and not-to-be-missed for them. I want them to feel comfortable assisting faculty with OER and open pedagogy practices…ideas on assisting with DH projects would be icing on the cake. Thanks for any ideas you can share! Including you, @me.monicabrown, having just watched your fantastic contributions to the office hours video on the invisible labour of OER :slight_smile:


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So happy to hear that you’re looking for more funding to continue the excellent work on the open pedagogy fellowship on your campus!

A few ideas come to mind besides the TSP:

  • the Digital Pedagogy Lab has lots of tracks that could be useful
  • the Creative Commons Certificate is always useful for forming a foundation on open licenses (some cohort members have completed this training so perhaps they can share their experiences)

Something I’d encourage you to think about is holistic training for both librarians and faculty, so the work of open is being carried in multiple places across the institution, rather than solely in the library.

I think @me.monicabrown has dabbled in a few other programs so she may have more to share!

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This is so exciting to hear @misbell! I second Apurva’s suggestions here for sure. I would also add that Hybrid Pedagogy may be a great ongoing resource if you’re thinking about digital pedagogies on your team. You may already be familiar with them, but I figured I’d flag them just in case.

Best of luck! Keep us posted!

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Hi @misbell I have a bunch of thoughts on librarians and professional development in OER/open pedagogy. I think it depends for me on where the librarians are in their development/interest in open. The Open Textbook Network (OTN), Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), Creative Commons (CC), and Library Juice Academy (LJA) offer courses and certificates in open education. ACRL also has a road show that was being developed on OER.

I also think it depends on what your goal is for them on how they will support open projects. I think talking to them about their comfort and these goals could help too. I’ve worked with librarians that take a long time feeling comfortable with supporting these projects and others who attend a conference and dive right in. I’ve found the Open Ed conferences really helpful in my development and thinking around open. There’s also webinars through CCCOER and SPARC monthly LibOER calls and listservs.

I’ve participated in the CC certification and done the OTN train the trainer and can talk more about them offline. I know a fair bit one SPARC too. They each have their own goals and angle. I don’t know of as many open pedagogy trainings and have seen that more in webinars and journals, but I’m happy to chat and brainstorm this more. Oh this is also a bit older at this point (2018) but very useful - OER: A Field Guide for Academic Librarians - Open Textbook Library

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Thank you, Stacy! This is extremely helpful!

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Hi @misbell NEBHE has scholarships available for the Creative Commons Certificates - Creative Commons Certificate scholarship application (sponsored by NEBHE)

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Mary - I’ll put you in touch with someone from NEBHE soon! Apologies for the delay.

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