Tim Dolan from Greenfield CC

Hi Everybody,

I’m Tim Dolan, a librarian at Greenfield Community College in Massachusetts. I’m working with an ever-growing number of faculty members on various OER projects, either under the auspices of our in-house mini-grant program or the Massachusetts Commmunity Colleges Go Open initiative.

I heard some folks talking about the Rebus Communtty Press at this year’s OpenCon, and just had to check it out. I currently have a group of biology faculty members who are remixing the two OpenStax biology textbooks to make a version that’s suitable for the mixed audience of biology majors and non-majors that they teach. I’m hoping that maybe the Rebus community can help us out, and that I can in turn help out on other projects.

Glad to know y’all,

@dolanoutthehits on Twitter

That’s a great project. One thing we’d like to do is get all those OpenStax books into Pressbooks so that we can more easily remix them. That’s complicated Pressbooks support for mathematics which is … constrained.

But, we’re definitely interested in … let’s figure out how we can help.

I live in Greenfield, too, and have been working on ebooks and digital publishing for fifteen years. We should chat sometime!

Hi Dave! Lovely to see you here! :slight_smile:

@dauwhe What a coincidence! We should definitely get together at some point–give me a holler if you ever want to stop by GCC.